Why #MNC2019

We strive to provide an open and constructive forum for free-wheeling discussion, open to anyone who chooses to participate, independent of formal party affiliation. 

Over the past decade, our annual Manning Networking Conferences have grown into one of Canada’s largest annual gatherings of political and policy thinkers and activists. We offer unique opportunities to participate in Canada’s liveliest policy conversations, to learn of new campaign techniques, to see old friends and make new ones.

Ideas that lead

Our 2019 conference takes place amidst a period of social, technological and political change we are experiencing in Canada and globally. Here at home this includes the election of several new party leaders in the provinces and three new premiers in 2018. This year, at least three – possibly four – provincial elections will take place alongside an election federally. This year’s conference theme is Ideas That Lead. What are the ideas and policy promises that will shape party platforms and how will pressure groups and ultimately votes respond at the ballot box?

Great speakers, diverse topics

Once again this year, we are assembling a great line-up of speakers and topics. Speakers, panelists and moderators already confirmed are listed below, with others added regularly as the conference approaches. The detailed program will be published a few weeks before the conference and will include lively sessions on Immigration, Digital Government, Canada’s role in the world, Pipeline Politics, Fake News, Climate Change Policy and a host of other topics.